Aim & Scope

The African Journal of Business and Industry (AJOBI) is a convenient platform for contributions in research and reviews in the fields of Management, Business Studies and Industrial Relations.

List of Topic

AJOBI covers the widest range of subjects mentioned here under

Business Management

  • Accounting, Auditing and Taxation
Accounting Information Systems
Business Economics

  • Business Intelligence and Strategy
Finance and Investment

  • General Business Research

  • Human Resources Management

  • Marketing Theory and Applications

  • Organization Studies

  • Operations Management
Risk Management

Industrial Management

  • Facilities Planning & Materials Handling
Human Factors, Ergonomics and Safety

  • Manufacturing, Control and Automation

  • Operations Management
Operations Research

  • Optimization Theory and Applications
Planning, Scheduling, and Project Management

  • Production, Inventory Management, and Logistics

  • Reliability, Quality Management
Transportation, Supply Chain Management


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