1. What is the AJOBI Research Journal about?

AJOBI Research Journal is newly started online web portal publishing research covering, Business and Industry.

2. Is your journal indexed?

Indexing is applied for which we will receive very soon.

3. Is your Journal widely referred?

Not for now, because it is relatively new but will be widely referred in the near future.

4. What kind of review process does it follow?

It follows blind review process.

5. Is your journal published online?

Yes, it is published online.

6. What kind of papers does AJOBI Research Journal publish?

AJOBI Research Journal publishes all original papers, review papers, papers of conceptual framework, papers containing analytical and simulation models, case studies, empirical research.

7. Does AJOBI Research Journal bring out any special issue?

Yes, special issues will be published from time to time to meet the emerging needs of the authors.

8. Is there any page limit of a paper to be published in your journal?

The paper should not exceed 10 pages of AJOBI Research Journal Template including figures, tables, references etc. (See Author Guidelines)

9. How much time does AJOBI Research Journal take for review process?

The Editorial Board/review committee takes minimum 10 days for completing the process of review.

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